This has nothing to do with the bubbles of the corona era, it was written before it and Bubbles is a nickname. It is a booklet with funny short stories about Maxiem and Josefien. Tell a joke in first grade and the kids will laugh like Josefien on the cover!

Bedtime story.

Bubbels is lying in bed en and daddy is telling a story. His own dad, Bubbels' grandfather, had a clubfoot. That's a foot which didn't grow well while in the mothers womb. Therefore it doesn't stand straight but more like a golfstick. One cannot walk on it properly. But grandpa had a motorcycle and when he was on his motorcycle, he was a rocket! Nobody could tell he had a clubfoot at all!
Once grandpa even participated at a big competition in the desert: Paris-Dakar! He slightly lost his direction and arrived at the Kilimanjaro, that big mountain in Africa. There stood a chimpansee who wanted to ride with him on his motorcycle. Maybe you are aware of the fact that chimpansees are very strong, especially when they are angry? So grandpa did what he was asked for and he drove around the Kilimanjaro with the chimpansee at the back. But when they completed the rounding, another chimp was waiting. Guess what he wanted! Grandpa kept circling around the Kilimanjaro until the whole family and all the friends of the chimp where satisfied. And that's why he didn't win Paris-Dakar.
Mom comes to hug Bubbels and then he falls fast asleep. He is very proud of his granddad, although he never met him and he had a clubfoot. And although he didn't win the competition.

Carlos and Fernando.

Next morning, during breakfast, dad is reading the newspaper. Bubbels tries to read the title of the article: "Gay flamingo's finally get a family", he reads in big letters. With his mouth full of bread, he squirms himself onto the lap of his dad. He reads with him about two male flamingo's. They live in a nature reserve and are in love with each other. You might know that it's impossible for two male flamingo's to have children together. Only the female lay eggs. But against the odds, Carlos and Fernando wanted so badly to have a real family with a little child. They even build a nest for their future kid. Several times they tried to steal an egg from another nest. But that wouldn't work. The other flamingo's wouldn't let them! Then, one day, a hetero couple didn't want their chick. The caregivers put the baby flamingo back into the egg. They made it up with tape again. Then, they put the repaired egg into the empty nest of the two males. And then, the chick came out of his egg a second time. But this time with parents who wanted to care for him very much so!
Bubbels is happy for Carlos and Fernando. But he also feels for the little chick because his real parents didn't want him. Daddy explains to him that sometimes, in humans as well as animals, parents don't want their children. Sometimes because the children are sick or weak. Sick animals cannot survive in the wild anyway. And sometimes, animals or even humans, just don't have that parental instinct.

Somebody rings the doorbell. That must be Josphine! Bubbels wipes his mouth clean, grabs his schoolbag and runs out the house. "Josephieieieieieiene!!", he screams. He bumps into a little girl with two blond ponytails. Bubbels thinks Josephine should be informed about Carlos and Fernando right away.


Josephine and Bubbels always go to school together. It's a three kilometer walk and it takes them an hour. They always encounter so many interesting things on their way! Beautiful butterflies, interesting stones or mushrooms, ... . They love school because their teacher is a very good storyteller. Today he talks about fivehundred years ago. People didn't know all the stars and the planets of our solar system are turning around the sun. They thought the whole universe was turning around the earth. And people who dared to claim something else, where locked up in prison!
"Master!!", says Bubbels: "Dad says the earth used to be flat. And when it became round, the four corners started to fold towards each other. All the people became afraid to fall of the earth. So they clung on to each other and pulled out each other's hair. Because, says dad, people were a lot more hairy in those days."
The teacher thinks dad's explanation is very funny. People used to think that the earth was flat indeed, but that was even longer than fivehundred years ago! And indeed, they thought one could fall of the earth if you came too close to the edges, but that wasn't really true. The earth has always been round. It is also true that people used to have a fur. Good for them, because it used to be a lot colder in the past.