A fairy tale that is very appropriate for this time, at least for the perceptive reader! It seems easier to fight external enemies, but those who are really wise know that you are always your own worst enemy.

A friend of mine runs a dance school in Wilsele: "Pump 'n Dance": https://www.pumpendance.be/. She also gives swimming lessons. To help me get launched she ordered 2 fairy tales: one about someone who wouldn't dance and one about someone who didn't want to swim.They were based on true facts!

It all started with a fairy tale I wrote for the daughter of a friend who never wanted to kiss. After hearing her fairy tale, she suddenly loved to kiss, but with lots of drool! Then I wrote another fairy tale for that friend herself, who couldn't sleep at the time, and that's how I started writing!



This has nothing to do with the bubbles of the corona era, it was written before it and Bubbles is a nickname. It is a booklet with funny short stories about Maxiem and Josefien. Tell a joke in first grade and the kids will laugh like Josefien on the cover!

Olaf & Nono


How nice it would be if this became a series on children's television someday!